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Student Paper Competition

The purpose of the Student Paper Competition is to recognise outstanding technical contributions from individual students. 


  • 91    High-Resolution 2D MIMO Radars for Traffic Gesture Recognition, Nicolai Kern
  • 100    Realistic Scatterer Based Adversarial Attacks on SAR Image Classifiers,  Tian Le
  • 133    Concept for an Automatic Annotation of Automotive Radar Data Using AI-segmented Aerial Camera Images,   Marcel Hoffmann
  • 159    Enabling Intra-CPI Frequency Agility Via Backprojection Based Range-Doppler Processing, Rylee Mattingly
  • 188    A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach to Surveillance Resource Management,  Shane Flandermeyer


First alternative:

  • 80    Enhanced Target Tracking Based on Novel 5D Millimeter-wave Automotive MIMO Radar ,  Hengfeng Liu

Second alternative:

  • 66    Anomaly Based Drone Classification Using a Model Trained Convolutional Neural Network Autoencoder on Radar Micro-Doppler, Alexander Karlsson



The best student paper competition is sponsored by CEA Technologies