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Integrated Sensing And Communication (ISAC) Workshop

Beyond 5G networks will provide value-added services beyond connectivity, supporting critical indoor and outdoor applications such as connected vehicles, autonomous factories, smart cities, smart roads among others. In this context, a new emerging paradigm is that of Integrated Sensing And Communication (ISAC). The need for this paradigm is explained by the increasing use of the spectrum resources with a huge number of different sources, devoted to both sensing, like radars, and communication purposes. A number of possible architectures, all ascribable to the ISAC framework, can be devised, ranging from the mere coexistence of independent or nearly independent systems, to fully integrated systems, where both systems could use the same platform, same antenna, same waveforms etc.

If you want to learn more about this exciting topic, you are invited to attend the 3rd AESS workshop on ISAC.

You can register for the ISAC Workshop as a part of your conference registration. You can register here.

Date: Monday 6 November 2023

Time:  1400 – 1700

Venue: ICC Conference room

Workshop schedule information to come.