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Best Paper Competition

A committee was assembled to determine the best paper at the conference. After a rigorous process, the top 5 papers were found with the top 3 winners being announced at the conference dinner.

  • 84  ‘Phase Modulated FMCW Waveforms and Receiver Structures for Automotive MIMO Radars’ – Nikita Petrov, Utku Kumbul, Cicero Vaucher, Alexander Yarovoy
  • 99  ‘How can Human-in-the-loop Improve the Performance of SAR ATR?  A Reinforcement Learning Based Approach’ – Bingyi Zhang, Sasindu Wijeratne, Tian Ye, Rajgopal Kannan, Viktor Prasanna, Carl Busart, Lance Kaplan
  • 181 ‘First Results of DVB-S Based Passive Polarimetric Measurements of micro-Doppler Signatures of a Helicopter’ – Martin Ummenhofer, Diego Cristallini, Rodrigo Blázquez-García, Viktor Seider
  • 239  ‘Joint Multiple FMCW Chirp Sequence Processing for Velocity Estimation and Ambiguity Resolving’  – Tarik Kazaz, Karan Jayachandra, Arie Koppellar, Yiting Lu
  • 327 ‘Passive Multistatic Localization of Space Objects using LOFAR Radio Telescope’ – Konrad Jedrzejewski, Mateusz Malanowski, Marek Plotka, Mariusz Pozoga, Krzysztof Kulpa